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High Megawatt 3-Level Press-Pack IGBT Inverter Stacks

High Megawatt 3-Level Press-Pack IGBT Inverter Stacks

IXYS Corporation’s wholly owned UK subsidiary, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., has introduced a range of standard three-level press-pack IGBT phase leg stacks with power rating up to 16 Megawatts.

The new stack designs are available for applications at three voltage levels 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV and 10 kV and incorporate IXYS UK's market leading press-pack IGBT technology. The 3.3 kV option is available as a single stack, comprising a complete phase leg of four 2400 A press-pack IGBTs plus the anti-parallel and neutral point clamp diodes. The phase leg is rated at 8 MW.

Both the 6.6 kV and 10 kV solutions comprise discrete stacks of 1600A reverse conducting press-pack IGBTs and fast diodes which can be configured into the phase leg. Each phase leg would require 2 IGBT stacks and 1 diodes stack. The 6.6 kV stacks are rated at up to 12 MW and the 10 kV units are rated up to 16 MW.The 6.6 kV stack comprise four series devices and the 10 kV stacks six. Actual power ratings will depend on how the customers configure their control systems.

Each system benefits from direct water cooling to provide highly effective heat dissipation away from the devices and pre-loaded disc spring clamping to evenly distribute the applied force across the entire surface area of the device. Stacks use an isolated clamping rod system to limit the occurrence of eddy currents within the unit. The IGBT stacks also incorporate gate trigger boards and snubber circuits.

Stack part numbers are: a 3.3 kV unit XA1600GV45WT, 6.6 kV units XA1000GV45WT/B (IGBT) and XA1000TV45WE/B (diode) and 10 kV units XA1000GV45WT/A (IGBT) and XA1000TV45WE/A (diode).

Typical applications includes medium voltage drives for industrial, marine and renewable energy infrastructures including wind generation, plus very large drives for use in the oil, gas and steel industries. For applications such as electrical grid control switches and HVDC applications, please contact IXYS UK to discuss other circuit topology stack solutions.

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