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Fast SOD-123F Rectifiers Carry 1-A Ratings

Central Semiconductor’s CMMR1U series of 1-A Ultra Fast rectifiers are packaged in the flat-lead SOD-123F surface-mount package. This new series has peak repetitive reverse voltages of 200 V (CMMR1U-02), 400 V (CMMR1U-04), and 600 V (CMMR1U-06). The maximum reverse recovery time (tRR) is 35 ns for the CMMR1U-02, 50 ns for the CMMR1U-04, and 75 ns for the CMMR1U-06.

Typically, these rectifiers are packaged in the much larger SMA case. The CMMR1U series in the SOD-123F utilizes 49% less board space than the SMA, and has a 57% lower profile. Prices for the CMMR1U series start at $0.10 each for 3000 pieces on a 7-in. reel. Sample devices are available upon request.

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