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Fairchild to Demo 175° C, Mid-Voltage MOSFETs at APEC

Fairchild to Demo 175° C, Mid-Voltage MOSFETs at APEC

Fairchild Semiconductor offers an expanded line of extended temperature (ET) mid-voltage MOSFETs, which can operate at 175° C.  The higher operating temperatures enable up to 85 percent greater power density and three times more reliability than MOSFETs rated to the 150° C industry standard.  These new devices will be demonstrated at APEC the week of March 16-19, 2015.

This new family of ET MOSFETs aligns with the IPC-9592 power conversion standard, which means the maximum junction temperature can be up to 150° C, as opposed to 125° C for standard 150° C MOSFETs, to enable more design margin. The family includes 19 new devices, available in both 5 mm x 6 mm and 3 mm x 3 mm standard packages, as well as the new TO-Leadless (TO-LL) package. The devices are offered in a wide range of voltage ratings, including 30V, 40V, 60V, 80V, 100V, 120V and 150V.

Their outstanding combination of superior heat tolerance, greater power density and improved reliability make Fairchild's ET MOSFET family ideal for DC-to-DC power supplies, AC-to-DC power supplies and motor drives used in a variety of applications, including avionics, micro solar inverters, power tools and telecommunications. The ability to operate at 175° C makes these new ET MOSFETs particularly suited for products that must operate in high ambient temperatures, such as solar power and power-over-Ethernet (POE) applications.  Additionally, the substantially greater reliability of the devices is an advantage for products used in harsh environments, including avionics, railway and power tool applications.

Complementing the extended temperature range, the higher power density in very small packages is a key advantage as it gives manufacturers greater flexibility with their product designs.  It allows designers to either decrease the form factors of their products - while maintaining the same power output - or to increase the power output without having to increase size.

If you are driven to design smarter products that support a cleaner environment and feature the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, you need to visit Fairchild at APEC. Learn about our portfolio of high-performance power products. Interactive demos will include:

  • Motion Control for Industrial Applications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power Supply ICs
  • LED Lighting ICs
  • Automotive semiconductors
  • Packaging Portfolio
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