Power Electronics

Expanded Portable Power MOSFET Portfolio

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced the AON7418, adding to a growing portfolio of power MOSFETs in small, ultra-thin packages. The new device provides exceptionally low on-resistance that is optimized for demanding applications such as tablet PCs, eReaders, notebooks, telecom and networking.

AON7418 is a 30V N-channel device implemented on AOS' proprietary AlphaMOS technology, with a 1.7 mΩ RDS(ON) at 10V, QG of 23 nC, 50A ID and 25°C. AlphaMOS technology improves RDS(ON) by 40% over the previous generation. The device provides power designers the flexibility in optimizing space, performance and cost.

AON7418 is in halogen-free DFN3.3x3.3 package and is 100% UIS and RG tested. It is immediately available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $0.70.

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