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Expanded IGBT Portfolio

Expanded IGBT Portfolio

ON Semiconductor expanded its portfolio of high performance IGBTs targeted at high performance power conversion (HPPC) consumer appliance and industrial applications. The new generation Field Stop II (FSII) devices being launched at PCIM improve switching characteristics and reduce losses by up to 30 percent leading to higher efficiency and translating into lower case temperature, giving designers  options for improving overall system performance and reliability. Optimized for targeted applications, these devices show a reduction in case temperature of up to 20 percent over existing devices.

The first group of FSII IGBTs is the NGTBxxN120IHRWG and NGTBxxN135IHRW; these devices feature optimized switching and reduced conduction losses for induction heating and soft switching applications operating at medium frequencies of 15 kilohertz (kHz) to 30 kHz. With excellent ruggedness and superior on-state characteristics at high currents, these devices are optimized, based on system requirements to enable higher efficiency and lower system losses. These high-speed IGBTs are providing industry leading system level performance in induction heating based products such as hot pots, rice cookers and microwave appliances.  The family of devices is available in both 1200 volt (V) and 1350 V platform versions with current ratings of 20 amperes (A), 30 A and 40 A.

Further expansion of the FSII IGBT technology includes the NGTBxxN120FL2WG and NGTBxxN135FL2WG family of devices designed specifically for solar inverter, uninterrupted power systems (UPS), and inverter welder applications. With improved thermal characteristics, these new devices will have an operational junction temperature range of -55 to +175°C and increase in current ratings up to 100 A in TO-247 packages.

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