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Distributor Expands Connector and Power-Semiconductor Offerings

Mouser Electronics has signed a distribution agreement that expands its power semiconductor offerings from IXYS. Mouser has also has expanded its power-solutions portfolio with input connectors from FCI.

Mouser will stock the full line of IXYS power MOSFETs, IGBTs, power modules, rectifiers, gate drivers, LED drivers, fast-recovery and Schottky diodes, as well as sense and control ICs. “We’re pleased to offer IXYS’ innovative power semiconductor and mixed-signal IC products to our engineering customers for their new design projects,” said Mike Scott, Mouser vice president of active products. “We also look forward to penetrating new markets and gaining new customers for IXYS through our innovative marketing programs.”

The MicroTCA Power Module Input Connectors from FCI that expand Mouser’s power solutions include the D-Sub 7W2 connector options, which enable –48-Vdc or –60-Vdc input cable connections to power modules used in MicroTCA shelves. Each power contact provides a 24-A current-carrying capacity. The shielded connectors are designed to fit the power module faceplate on the front side of a power module in accordance with the MicroTCA specification.

The board-mount connectors include through-mount options suitable for either wave soldering or pin-in-paste (PIP) reflow soldering. They are also available with two standard solder-bucket signal contacts, or a pre-installed shunt on the signal contacts used for first-mate/last-break (FMLB) functionality for lower applied cost. Power contacts are offered in both solder-bucket and crimp versions for cable termination.

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