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Diodes housed in Ultra-Miniature Packages

Diodes Incorporated has announced its first products to be housed in the ultra-miniature X3-DFN0603-2 package. The company's first 6.0V Zener and switching diodes to be provided in the 0.6mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm format take 70% less PCB space than DFN1006-2 packaged alternatives and have an off-board height 40% lower.

Meeting increasing demand for component miniaturization in lightweight portable products such as tablets and mobile handsets, the X3-DFN0603-2 package will also help increase efficiency, with its thermally efficient design achieving 250mW power dissipation and improve electrical performance, through reduced lead inductance.

Diodes Incorporated has initially introduced a series of seven low-leakage Zeners in the miniature package, suitable for voltage referencing, regulation, over-voltage protection and voltage-limiting applications. The 'GDZ' Zeners offer nominal voltages from 5.1V through to 8.2V with a commendable ±5% Vz tolerance.

Also introduced in the miniature package at this time are two low capacitance (CT>3pF) 85V rated switching diodes. The 1SS361LP3 is characterized by fast-switching performance (tRR>4ns), while the BSA116LP3's low-leakage current (IR>10nA) helps extend battery life.

In 10k quantities, the GDZ Zener diodes are priced at $0.065 USD each, with the 1SS361LP3 and BAS116LP3 both at $0.043 USD each.

Diodes Inc.
Part Number: 1SS361LP3

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