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DFN3020 Packaged MOSFETs Take 70% Less Space

Diodes has introduced the first MOSFETs in a new range of space-saving DFN3020 packaged discrete products. Three dual MOSFET combinations have been released, comprising 20V and 30V N-channel and 30V complementary devices. While offering a comparable electrical performance as much larger SOT23 packaged parts, these dual DFN3020 MOSFETs will replace two separate SOT23 packaged MOSFETs, resulting in a board space saving of 70%.

With a footprint of just 6mm2 and an off-board height of 0.8mm, some 40% less than SOT23 or TSOP-6 packaged parts, the DFN3020 MOSFET portfolio will suit load switch or boost conversion circuits in space-constrained low profile portable consumer electronics including tablets and netbooks. The complementary DFN3020 MOSFETs will also function well as a half bridge for driving motor loads in industrial applications.

The MOSFETs' junction to ambient thermal resistance of 83?C/W also means that power dissipation is high, at up to 2.4W continuous and operating temperatures are cooler than achievable with SOT23 packaged MOSFETs leading to increased reliability.

The ZXMN2AMC (dual 20V N-channel), ZXMN3AMC (dual 30V N-channel) and ZXMC3AMC (complementary 30V) DFN3020 packaged MOSFETs are available for $0.23 each in quantities of 10k.

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