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Compact Package Shrinks MOSFET Footprint

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor now offers a monolithically integrated Schottky diode (SRFET) and the company’s advanced MOSFETs in a compact DFN3x3EP package. The new package allows dc-dc converter designers to achieve higher current and power density as a result of the package’s exposed copper lead-frame, which permits efficient heat transfer into the pc board.

At 3 mm by 3 mm, the DFN3x3EP uses only one-third the board area of an SO-8. At the same time, the new package maintains the same 60°C/W thermal performance as an SO-8-packaged device.

The AON740x family consists of fast-switching high-side MOSFETs. The SRFET device’s Schottky body diode features a low-forward voltage drop of 0.4 V that reduces power losses and a soft-recovery characteristic that reduces ringing and associated EMI. For more information, see www.aosmd.com.

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