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Central Semiconductor Corp: Jack Radgowski

Central Semiconductor Corp: Jack Radgowski

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In 1974 Jack Radgowski founded Central Semiconductor Corp. with the initial mission of manufacturing germanium diodes and transistors at a time when the industry was rapidly replacing germanium with silicon devices. This concept established the company as a manufacturer of diminishing source, or “trailing edge,” products that continues today. Central has saved many of its customers countless dollars in redesign costs.

Over the past three decades, Radgowski has astutely led Central’s evolution into an innovative manufacturer of leading-edge surface-mount discrete semiconductors and other niche products. Long ago, Central Semiconductor accepted the challenge to meet the ever-changing demands of the electronics industry and is still driven to achieve that goal today.

Beginning in a small building in West Babylon, N.Y., Central manufactured a small portfolio of devices. However, these few diminishing source devices produced by Central sustained thousands of manufacturers’ product lines and eliminated the high costs associated with redesign. This strong commitment to customers is an indication of a company with a deep-rooted dedication to exceeding customers’ expectations. Central Semiconductor is a company truly led by example, by a steadfast CEO who has instituted complete customer satisfaction as the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. When it comes to delighting customers, Radgowski does not compromise on anything less than perfection, and he reinforces the concepts of perfect quality, continuous improvement and innovation throughout the organization.

Central Semiconductor refers to its employees as members, because each individual is seen as an important part of the Central team. Central’s team-oriented culture has inspired its members to strive for complete customer satisfaction and excellence in all aspects of their positions. Perfect quality, exceptional service and on-time delivery are all components of Central Semiconductor’s strong commitment to customers. Central’s success in these key areas is evident in the company’s outstanding achievement customer awards, including the prestigious Discrete Semiconductor Supplier of the Year Award received earlier this year from a leading avionics and communications company. Accolades such as this one are a true testament to the company’s success.

Another key to Central’s success is its professional sales team’s unique method of servicing customers’ needs. Using a “single point of contact” approach, Central ensures each customer has a dedicated sales representative assigned to coordinate all of its inquiries and needs, whether related to sales, quality or engineering. Personal attention to customers is another principle that Central’s CEO has instilled in its members.

To exist in a largely commodity-based industry, an innovative and efficient product development strategy is essential. Radgowski has always appreciated the importance of regularly designing and developing new products, and Central’s New Product Development Team is constantly exploring new niche devices often overlooked by other manufacturers. Central’s team possesses an inventive philosophy that pushes the limits of new product designs. The success of Central’s new product strategy is apparent in the multitude of industry firsts Central has been credited with. Designers recognize Central Semiconductor as a manufacturer of innovative solutions, always willing to listen to their requirements and engage in a thorough feasibility study.

When visitors enter Central’s headquarters in Hauppauge, N.Y., they see a modern facility with a class 1000 cleanroom, manufacturing and warehouse areas filled with state-of-the-art equipment, and an engineering lab replete with the latest analytical tools and other resources required for developing innovative discrete devices. Visitors to Central will instantly feel the enthusiasm and pride of members as they carry out their responsibilities with an intrinsic knowledge that they are part of a successful team dedicated to completely satisfying customers.

Today, Central Semiconductor Corp. is a successful organization led by Jack Radgowski, with a reputation for exceeding customers’ expectations and a track record for developing groundbreaking discrete semiconductors. A true visionary with a relentless desire for perfection, Radgowski boldly asserts, “Our perpetual challenge is the pursuit of achieving excellence in everything we do, and we strive to accomplish this by utilizing ongoing training for continuous improvement in all areas. We recognize that customer satisfaction results in repeat business.” Clearly, Radgowski’s philosophy and presence has been the driving force that has guided the long-term success of Central Semiconductor Corp. CEO

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