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Award Honors International Rectifier's Chairman for Lifetime Achievement

Eric Lidow, chairman and founder of International Rectifier,has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from EE Times in recognition of his contributions to the power management industry over the last 60 years. The honor was presented last week at the third Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards Gala.

Brian Fuller, editor-in-chief of EE Times, the award's sponsor, said, "Lidow's achievements as an entrepreneur, an innovator and businessman with a penchant for green engineering make him a natural for our Lifetime Achievement Award." He added, "Long after most electronics executives have retired, Lidow comes to work every day, driving a hybrid vehicle."

Reflecting on the award, Lidow said, "This is a wonderful personal honor. Moments like these also create opportunities to look ahead. We, in the industry, must continue to foster innovation in our business."

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, Eric Lidow graduated in 1937 from the Technical University of Berlin with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He immigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1937. In 1944, Lidow cofounded Selenium Corporation of America, which was acquired by Sperry Corporation in 1944. Three years later, he founded International Rectifier where he continues to serve as Chairman of the Board.

Lidow previously received Power Electronics Technology’s Lifetime Achievement Award in September 2004. To read more about Lidow’s experiences and accomplishments, see “Eric Lidow: Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.”

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