Power Electronics

Advanced Z-Rec™ Silicon Carbide Power Diodes

Cree, Inc. announces availability of its Silicon Carbide (SiC) power products, world-class 600V SiC Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes. The new Z-Rec(TM) diodes provide improved device power efficiency and enhanced surge current capability, allowing system optimization for performance and cost in power conversion applications ranging from 250W to 1500W. Primarily used for boost diode applications in power factor correction (PFC) circuits, Z-Rec SiC JBS diodes, through their inherent lack of reverse-recovery currents, will reduce AC-DC power supply losses by up to 10% versus silicon fast-recovery diodes.

Zero reverse-recovery current of these SiC diodes, enabling switch-mode power supplies to reach and exceed ENERGY STAR®, 80-plus certification levels. The Z-Rec devices provide power savings through device junction capacitance values that are up to 10% lower than Cree's first generation devices. The lower junction capacitance reduces switching losses and extends the power savings to systems operating at higher switching frequencies. Each new device, of a given current rating, maintains the low Vf (<1.8V) of previous Cree SiC diodes at rated current and temperature, resulting in no compromise in conduction losses.

The ability to sustain repetitive and non-repetitive surge currents has long been a limitation when designing-in SiC JBS diodes. Early generation SiC diodes often required the designer to choose a device with a higher than required current rating to assure robust and reliable operation under potential surge conditions. Cree's advancements in SiC power device structures and design allow the new Z-Rec diodes to provide optimal efficiency with use of the minimum required current-rated device. Z-Rec diode's performance and application cost advantages support "green" energy efficiency in an expanding number of power supply designs for server, PCs, communications, industrial and consumer switch mode power supplies.

Z-Rec 600V devices are available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 A ratings in TO-220-2, TO-220-2 fully molded (Full-Pack), TO-247-3, TO-252-2 (D-Pak), and TO-263-2 (D2Pak) packages. All Z-Rec devices are RoHS, REACH, and Halogen-Free compliant.

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