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Cree Inc. has introduced its latest silicon-carbide (SiC) 900V MOSFET platform. Optimized for high frequency power electronics applications, including renewable energy inverters, electric vehicle charging systems, and three-phase industrial power supplies, the new 900V platform enables smaller and higher efficiency next-generation power conversion systems.

Built on Cree's SiC planar technology, the new 900V MOSFET platform expands the company's product portfolio to address design challenges common to new and evolving application segments in which a higher DC link voltage is desirable. The lead product (C3M0065090J) features a low on-resistance rating (65mW). Moreover, in addition to the industry standard TO247-3 and TO220-3 packages, the new device is also offered in a low-impedance D2Pak-7L surface mount package with a Kelvin connection to help minimize gate ringing.

Existing 900V silicon MOSFETs have severe limitations for high frequency switching circuits due to extremely high switching losses and poor internal body diodes. Further limiting the use of silicon MOSFETs is the RDS(ON) that increases 3X over temperature, which causes thermal issues and significant derating. Alternately, Cree's new 900V MOSFET technology delivers low Rds(on) at higher temperatures, enabling a significant size reduction of the thermal management system.

The C3M0065090J is rated at 900V/32A, with an R DS(ON) of 65mW at 25°C. At higher temperature operation (TJ = 150°C), the RDS(ON) is just 90mW. Packaged parts will be stocked through DigiKey & Mouser.

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