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800V,12A UltraMOS MOSFETs

800V,12A UltraMOS MOSFETs

Central Semiconductor introduces its newest energy efficient, high voltage UltraMOS MOSFET designed to minimize total conduction losses while maximizing power density. The CDM2206-800LR is a 6A, 800V MOSFET in the TO-220 package. The low RDS(ON) of 0.8W and low total gate charge of 24.3nC are key energy efficiency characteristics of this UltraMOS device, which surpasses the operational performance of similarly rated standard MOSFETs. Full specifications are available at:

Central’s 800V UltraMOS MOSFETs are ideal for power supplies, power inverters, and are the perfect pairing with Central’s HyperFast rectifiers, to provide superior high speed operational benefits for phase shift compensation in Power Factor Correction (PFC) applications. UltraMOS devices are available in industry standard packages as well as in custom packages.

Pricing for the CDM2206-800LR is $0.74 each for 2,000 pieces packed in sleeves or supplied bulk and available from Digi-Key,  Future Electronics, and  Mouser Electronics. Sample devices are available upon request direct from Central Semiconductor ( In addition to the 800V device, Central has 600V and 700 UltraMOS devices available. 

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