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800V SuperFET II MOSFET Family Delivers Lowest On-Resistance

800V SuperFET II MOSFET Family Delivers Lowest On-Resistance

Fairchild introduced its 800V SperFET II MOSFET family, featuring broad package offerings and the industry's lowest on-resistance (RDS(ON)) and output capacitance (Coss). The new family enables designers to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability of high performance solutions requiring breakdown voltage higher than 600V / 650V, and also reduces the board space of these designs by enabling the elimination of components. The best-in-class reliability of the 800V SuperFET II MOSFET family, coupled with its excellent efficiency and thermal characteristics, makes it ideal for a variety of applications. Meanwhile, its broad range of package options gives designers tremendous flexibility, particularly with size constrained designs. Key applications for the family include LED lighting, power supplies for LED televisions and home theater audio equipment, power adapters, servers, industrial power and auxiliary power supplies, as well as micro solar inverters.

Fairchild's newest 800V SuperFET II MOSFET family is comprised of 26 devices covering a RDS(ON) range of 4.3W to an industry low of 60 mW, all offered in a wide range of standard package options, giving designers greater choice and flexibility in employing the best device for their specific application. For example, the FCD850N80Z, a key member of the family, combines an exceptionally low 850 mW RDS(ON) (max) in DPAK with 6~11 percent lower RDS(ON)(max) and 8~13 percent lower COSS (@400V) than its primary competitors, making it ideal for LED lighting applications which require low resistance and are size constrained. 

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