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6th Generation IGBT with CSTBT Technology and Tj(max) 175°C

Powerex plans to offer IGBTs from 300A/1200V to 800A/1200V in conventional packages, allowing designers an easy upgrade path for increased system ratings and/or improved reliability due to the increased allowable operating junction temperature.

Featuring 6th Generation Carrier Stored Trench-Gate Bipolar Transistor (CSTBT) silicon for significant performance improvement, these devices boast the lowest power loss on the market for increased customer system efficiency. The 6th Generation S-Series IGBTs, which are improved versions of the earlier 5th Generation A-Series and NF-Series IGBTs, are available in 3 compatible package styles:

  • CM300DY-24S (300A/1200V), package size 108 mm x 62 mm
  • CM450DY-24S (450A/1200V), package size 110 mm x 80 mm
  • CM600DY-24S (600A/1200V), package size 110 mm x 80 mm
  • CM800DY-24S (800A/1200V), package size 140 mm x 130 mm

6th Generation silicon devices feature:

  • Tj(max) = 175 °C - higher operating temperature
  • 40% reduction in gate drive current - reduced gate driver requirements
  • 20% reduction in VCE(sat) - lower losses
  • 25% reduction in turn off losses- lower losses
  • 20% reduction in FWD forward voltage (Vf) - lower losses
  • ~20% reduction in overall losses

Applications for these devices include industrial inverters, UPS systems, motor drives as well as fuel cell, wind and solar inverters.

CM450DY-24S and CM800DY-24S are presently in mass production with sample pricing ranging from $265 to $463 in quantities of 10. CM300DY-24S and CM600DY-24S will be available in the second quarter of 2012.

Powerex, Inc.
Part Number: CSBT

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