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650V Ultra Junction X2-Class Power MOSFETs

650V Ultra Junction X2-Class Power MOSFETs

(Image courtesy of IXYS).

IXYS Corporation has introduced its Ultra Junction Power MOSFET product line: 650V X2-Class Power MOSFETs. With current ratings ranging from 2A to 120A, and on resistance as low as 24 milliohms, they are well suited for high-efficiency, high-speed power switching applications.

These devices were developed using a charge compensation principle and proprietary process technology, resulting in Power MOSFETs with significantly reduced on resistance and gate charge. A low on-state resistance reduces the conduction losses. It also lowers the energy stored in the output capacitance, thereby minimizing the switching losses. A low gate charge results in higher efficiency at light loads as well as lower gate drive requirements. In addition, these MOSFETs are avalanche rated and exhibit a superior dv/dt performance. Also due to the positive temperature coefficient of their on-state resistance, they can be operated in parallel to meet higher current requirements.

Designed for such applications as Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits, switched-mode and resonant-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters, AC and DC motor drives, solid state relays, and robotic and servo control, these MOSFETs enable higher efficiency along with high power density and cooler system performance.

These new 650V X2 Power MOSFETs are available in the following international standard size packages: TO-252, TO-220 (standard or over-molded), TO-263, SOT-227, TO-247, PLUS247, and TO-264. Some example part numbers include IXTY2N65X2, IXTA4N65X2, IXTP8N65X2, and IXTK102N65X2, with drain current ratings of 2A, 4A, 8A, and 102A, respectively. 

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