Power Electronics

650V SJ MOSFET with Integrated Fast Body Diode

Infineon's new 650V CoolMOS CFDA is the first automotive-qualified technology with an integrated fast body diode on the market. It is designed in particular for resonant topologies in applications such as battery chargers, DC/DC converters and HID lights in (hybrid) electric vehicles.

This new solution combines all the benefits of fast-switching super junction MOSFETs - improved light load efficiency, reduced gate charge, lower switching losses, easy implementation and outstanding reliability. Highlights include lower area-specific on-resistance, easy control of switching behavior as well as the highest body diode ruggedness in the market. Lower QRR and QOSS values at repetitive commutation on the body diode reduce switching losses and turn on/off delay times.

This revolutionary CoolMOS CFDA technology complements the CoolMOS CFD product family, setting new performance standards in the rapidly progressing electrification of cars.

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