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650V SiC Schottky Diodes In New Versions

650V SiC Schottky Diodes In New Versions

Cree, Inc. has added four SiC Schottky 650 V diodes. Developed in response to the power supply industry's recent demand for components with a nominal voltage rating slightly higher than 600 V, the 650 V Cree® Z-Rec® SiC Schottky diodes enable high efficiency power systems with improved reliability, simplicity, and total cost.

Beneficial characteristics of the new diodes include: zero reverse recovery current, high frequency operation with low EMI, temperature-independent switching behavior, reduced heat sink requirements, and significantly higher surge and avalanche capabilities. They also exhibit higher efficiency than comparable silicon diodes, with essentially no switching losses, and a positive temperature coefficient on VF enables parallel devices without thermal runaway.

Designed to satisfy power systems engineers' need for higher current in a more compact, surface mount package, the 650 V, 6 A C3D06065E, 8 A C3D08065E, and 10 A C3D10065E Cree Z-Rec diodes are supplied in TO-252-2 (DPAK) packages with a smaller footprint than many of the comparable diodes currently on the market. Exhibiting both zero recovery voltage and extremely fast switching, these 650 V devices enable right sizing of the diode, optimizing both cost and performance in switch mode power supplies, power factor correction, and motor drives, among other applications. They may also negate the need for thru-hole SiC Schottky diode assembly, as well as enable smaller final assembly dimensions for 650V designs.

Additionally, these three diodes are automotive qualified to AEC-Q101, and are ideal for use in the power factor correction and onboard power electronic conversion systems (e.g., chargers, dc/dc converters, inverters, etc.) of hybrid and electric vehicles. Unlike competitors, whose automotive qualified diodes are typically separate part numbers sold at higher costs, approximately 90% of Cree's C3D Schottky diode portfolio is, and always has been, automotive qualified at no extra cost. A complete list of Cree's automotive qualified diodes available in five plastic package types, two voltage ratings (600 V and 650 V), and with current ratings spanning 2 to 20 A  can be found on the Cree Power website.

The fourth 650 V diode, Cree's 6 A, 650 V C3D06065I internally isolated Z-Rec Schottky diode is an alternative to full-pack diodes and a complement to the existing and extremely successful 8 A C3D08065I and 10 A C3D10065I. Featuring a TO-220 package with internal ceramic insulation unique to Cree with regard to SiC Schottky diodes that provides 2.5 kV isolation, Cree's 6 A, 650 V internally isolated diode also provides greater operating ranges and capabilities than comparable full-pack devices, including significantly higher maximum temperatures and greater power dissipation. 

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