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650V High Voltage Hyperfast Silicon Diodes

650V High Voltage Hyperfast Silicon Diodes

Infineon Technologies AG introduced the highly efficient, fast recovery 650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 silicon diode families. The high performance devices, which combining Infineon's ultrathin wafer manufacturing expertise for a low loss vertical structure plus unique cell design, will be highlighted next week at the Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition (APEC) 2013 in Long Beach, CA.

The new Rapid diode families complement Infineon's existing high power 600V and 650V diode portfolio by filling the gap between silicon carbide (SiC) diodes and emitter-controlled diodes to address the ultrafast and hyperfast power silicon diode markets. Delivering highest efficiency, low electromagnetic interference (EMI), ultrafast reverse recovery time and increased system reliability at a very attractive price-performance ratio, the new devices are targeted for use in high efficiency applications with switching frequencies between 18 kHz and 100 kHz.

The Infineon Rapid 1 diode family has a 1.35V temperature-stable forward voltage (VF) to ensure lowest conduction losses and provide a soft recovery to keep EMI emissions to a minimum. The devices are perfectly suited for Power Factor Correction (PFC) topologies, typically found in major home appliances, like air conditioners and washing machines, as well as boost stages in photovoltaic inverters, which are switching between 18 kHz and 40 kHz.

The Rapid 2 diode family is designed for applications switching between 40 kHz and 100 kHz. It offers both low reverse recovery charge (Qrr typically 50-100% better than competitors) and reverse recovery time (trr < 50ns). This minimizes reverse conduction effects attributed to power switch turn-on losses and thus provides maximum efficiency. Rapid 2 is targeted at PFC stages found in servers, telecom rectifiers, TV and laptop power adapters, and welding machines. Here the Rapid 2 diode shows excellent compatibility with Infineon`s CoolMOS™ MOSFETs and high speed IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) such as the TRENCHSTOPTM 5.

Engineering samples are available now. Qualification samples for Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 diodes will be available in April and volume production will start in May 2013.

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