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650V CoolMOS™ CFDA for Automotive Applications

Infineon Technologies expands its Automotive power semiconductor lineup with the new 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA. This is the industry's first Superjunction MOSFET solution with Integrated Fast Body Diode to meet the highest Automotive qualification standard AEC-Q101. The 650V CoolMOS CFDA is particularly designed for resonant topologies such as battery charging, DC/DC converters and HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lighting, also in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Infineon's new solution combines all benefits of fast switching Superjunction MOSFETs: a better light load efficiency, reduced gate charge, lower switching losses, easy implementation as well as an outstanding reliability. Infineon offers a superior solution to the demand for higher energy efficiency of automotive applications: the new 650V CoolMOS™ CFDA provides lower area specific on-resistance while offering easy control of switching behavior as well as the highest body diode ruggedness in the market. Lower value of Q rr and Q oss at repetitive commutation on body diode reduces switching losses and turn on/off delay times.

Good controllability of rapid current and voltage transients and softer commutation behavior that results in reduced EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) appearance, gives the new series a clear advantage in comparison with competitor parts. Limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation of the body diode enables easier implementation of layout and design. CoolMOS™ CFDA provides 650V breakdown voltage, which means an increased safety margin compared to 600V.

Samples of IPW65R150CFDA (650V, 150mOhm R dson, TO247 package) are available, EUR 1.85 per piece (10k pieces quantity).

Infineon Technologies
Part Number: IPWR65R150CFDA

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