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650V 55mohm SiC JFETs

650V 55mohm SiC JFETs

SemiSouth Laboratories are delivering what is said to be the industry's first 650V 55mΩ SiC JFETs The fast switching speeds, large current handling capability combined with the superior thermal properties of SiC makes these devices ideal candidates for power electronic applications. They employ vertical trench JFET structures, which allow for industry-leading on-resistance per unit area, as much as five to ten times lower than competing technologies.

Applications for this 1200 V switch include solar and UPS, also require lower-voltage switching at 650 V for efficiency and higher power density solutions where grid voltage or bus voltages are lower. Also, the automotive industry is split on the EV drive train with some customers requiring 1200 V and higher, and others requiring only 650 V.

The 650V/55mΩ SJDA065R055 SiC JFETs feature a positive temperature coefficient for ease of paralleling and extremely fast switching with no "tail" current at 150°C. RDS(ON) typical for these new voltage-controlled devices is 0.044Ω, which also exhibit a low gate charge and low intrinsic capacitance.

Typical applications for these TO-220-packaged devices are solar inverters, SMPS, PFC circuits, induction heating, UPS and motor drives.

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.
Part Number: SJDA065R055

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