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600V P6 MOSFET Family

Infineon Technologies AG introduces the new 600V CoolMOS™ P6 MOSFET product family, designed to enable higher system efficiency while being easy to use, the new products address the gap between technologies that focus on delivering ultimate performance (CoolMOS™ CP), and those that concentrate more on ease of use (e.g. CoolMOS™ C6 or E6). P6 technology provides high performance in hard and soft switching PFC (Power Factor Correction) and PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) topologies in applications such as Server, Telecom Rectifier, PC Silverbox and Gaming Consoles. Moreover, with its granular portfolio, the CoolMOS™ P6 family of products offers the best price/performance ratio of any Superjunction MOSFET technology available on the market today.

CoolMOS™ P6 provides improved efficiency especially in light load conditions due to its low gate charge (QG). The product family also features a higher threshold voltage (VTH) which results in earlier turn-off behavior for better efficiency in soft switching applications. The robust body diode allows the use of P6 not only in hard switching PFC stages but also in soft switching PWM (eg. LLC) stages.

Optimized integrated Gate Resistor (RG) values ensure an optimum balance between efficiency and ease of use as well as good controllability of the switching behavior. The increased voltage slope (dv/dt) from 50V/ns to 100V/ns compared to previous technologies assures high robustness and better switching efficiency.

Samples of the 600V CoolMOS™ P6 products are available Q4 2012. First OEM ramp-ups are expected Q1/2013.

Infineon Technologies
Part Number: CoolMOS

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