Power Electronics

600-V PFC High-Frequency Rectifier

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc launched a new 600-V FRED Pt® Hyperfast tandem rectifier that reduces losses in high-efficiency continuous current mode (CCM) power factor correction (PFC) applications with its extremely fast reverse recovery time, low forward voltage drop, and low package thermal resistance.

The new 8S2TH06I-M is optimized for use in desktop PCs, server and telecom power supplies, UPS systems, wide-screen plasma display and LCD power supplies, industrial power supplies, and solar inverters. A unique balance of conduction and switching performance improvements allows the 8S2TH06I-M to provide an average overall power-loss reduction of 22 % in typical high-frequency PFC applications.

Delivering a reverse recovery time of 11 ns, the 8S2TH06I-M combines its Hyperfast switching performance with a low forward voltage drop rating of 2.1 V at 8 A, allowing the device to work at higher frequencies to increase overall system efficiency. Its 2-pin TO-220 package enables the device to provide 8 A DC at a 120 °C case temperature while delivering insulation exceeding 2 kV. The ceramic-insulated TO-220 package is designed for easy mounting together with non-insulated parts, yet with minimum effect on its benchmark thermal resistance of 2.3 °C/W junction to case.

Reverse recovery charge for the 8S2TH06I-M is 7 nC at 25 °C and 35 nC at 125 °C, which represents a significant improvement in the trade-off between Qrr and forward voltage drop. The result is the ability to combine high-frequency operation with lower losses, allowing heat sinks and passive components to be downsized. Likewise, the 8S2TH06I-M's operating junction temperature of 175 °C allows for more robust and more cost effective designs, and represents a 15 % improvement over competing devices, for which 150 °C is the maximum rating.

Samples and production quantities of the 8S2TH06I-M Hyperfast tandem rectifier are available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery in 100,000-piece quantities starts at $0.65.

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