Power Electronics

600 V GaN Diodes Cut Energy Loss by 20%

Transphorm Inc. announced the qualification of its first products, power diodes based on its patented, high-performance EZ?GaNTM (Gallium Nitride) technology:

  • TPS2010PK - 600 V, 6 A, GaN diode in the industry standard TO-220 package
  • TPS2011PK - 600 V, 4
  • TPS2012PK - 600 V, 2 A, GaN diode in the industry standard TO-220 package

Transphorm's efficient, compact, and easy-to-embed solutions cut energy waste by 20 percent today and simplify the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of electrical systems and devices, including motor drives, power supplies and inverters for solar panels and electric vehicles. Transphorm demonstrated its GaN-based technology at APEC by using the EZGaN diodes in a DC-to-DC Boost Converter running at more than 99 percent efficiency

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