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40V and 60V OptiMOS(tm) Exhibit High Power Density and System Efficiency

Infineon Technologies AG introduced the new OptiMOS 40V and 60V power MOSFET families. These devices are optimized for synchronous rectification in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) such as those deployed in servers and desktop PCs. In addition, they are a perfect choice for a broad range of industrial applications like motor control, solar micro inverter and fast switching DC/DC converter. The new Infineon OptiMOS™ 40V and 60V families support high efficiency and power density with the lowest on-state resistance (R DS(on)) and optimized switching behavior.

Due to constantly growing speed and power requirements of data processing, AC/DC designers face the challenge to improve system efficiency and power density while at the same time having to reduce system costs. Infineon's new 40V and 60V MOSFETs address this variety of challenges concurrently.

Solar applications also benefit from higher performance levels of semiconductor components. In typical photovoltaic topologies such as buck/boost for power optimizers or resonant full bridge for micro inverters, both RDS(ON) and switching characteristics are important. By using the BSC016N06NS device from Infineon's new 60V family, in a Super SO-8 package that measures 5mm x 6mm, a 1.5% higher efficiency can be achieved at a 20% load condition in a solar micro inverter.

The new OptiMOS™ 40V devices in Super SO-8 and S3O-8 (3mmx3mm) packages are available in RDS(ON) ranges from 1.0mΩ to 2.3mΩ and are priced at $0.50 USD and $1.05 USD per piece (10k pieces quantity).

The new OptiMOS™ 60V devices in Super SO-8 packages are available in RDS(ON) classes of 1.6mΩ and 2.8mΩ and are priced at US $0.85 and $0.65. Additional devices are available in TO-220, S3O8, I²PAK (TO-262), D²PAK and DPAK (TO-252) packages with pricing from $0.54 USD for 6.0mΩ RDS(ON) to $1.5 USD for 1.0mΩ RDS(ON) ratings for 10k pieces quantity.

Infineon Technologies
Part Number: OptiMOS

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