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Image courtesy of Infineon
<p>(Image courtesy of Infineon).</p>

TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage Package

Infineon Technologies has introduced the TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage package. The new package is offered for the 600 V CoolMOS CE, targeting a broad range of low power consumer applications. This package features an improved creepage and has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of open frame power supplies where pollution might lead to arcing failures of applications.

The TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage replaces frequently used workarounds to increase creepage distance such as silicon potting, the usage of sleeves, pre-bending of leads or others. Offering a better alternative to workarounds, customers profit from reduced system costs when implementing the new package.

The TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage package targets open frame power supplies such as TV adapters where dust can enter the case through air vents. These dust particles can reduce the effective creepage between pins over time which may lead to high voltage arcing. The new TO-220 FullPAK Wide Creepage package comes with a pin distance of 4.25 mm instead of the prevailing 2.54 mm found in a standard TO-220 FullPAK package.

The other outer dimensions of the new package are almost identical to the TO-220 FullPAK. Additionally, the new Wide Creepage package shows all the well-known benefits of a standard FullPAK, predominantly its excellent isolation behavior as well as the assembly automation ability.

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