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2000V Power MOSFETs Suited for High Speed Applications

2000V Power MOSFETs Suited for High Speed Applications

IXYS announced an expansion of its high voltage Power MOSFET product portfolio, the 2000V N-Channel Power MOSFETs. With a current rating of 1A, they are specifically designed for high voltage, high speed power conversion applications.

Due to the positive temperature coefficient of their on-state resistance, these high voltage Power MOSFETs can be operated in parallel, thereby eliminating the need for lower-voltage, series connected devices and enabling cost effective power systems. Other benefits include component reduction in gate drive circuitry, simpler design, improved reliability and PCB space saving.

These new Power MOSFETs are suitable for a wide variety of power switching systems, including high voltage power supplies, capacitor discharge circuits, pulse circuits, laser and x-ray generation systems, high voltage automated test equipment and energy tapping applications from the power grid. 

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