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200 V Hermetic Silicon Schottky Product Family

Solid State Devices, Inc. announces new additions to the 200 V silicon Schottky rectifier product family initially introduced in November 2011. This product line delivers the highest voltage ratings in the industry for hermetically sealed silicon Schottky devices. The latest Schottky products in this family feature a forward current rating of 2 A to 20 A. Higher current versions are currently in production and expected to be released in 2013. Some of the key advantages of this product family include high voltage ratings, an extremely low forward voltage drop, low reverse leakage, high peak surge current, and the availability of single die or dual centertap configurations.

In addition to their electrical advantages, all of these new Schottky rectifiers are available in hermetically sealed surface mount packages with extremely small footprints and low profiles. For example, the maximum dimensions for the SMD.22 are 0.157" (W) x 0.227" (L) x 0.075" (H).

These devices are also available to be screened at TX, TXV, or S level. Screening is based on MIL-PRF-19500 and screening flows are available on request.

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI)
Part Number: Schottky

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