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17mm Height Rectifier Modules Meet Industry Needs

Powersem GmbH has released two new three-phase Bridge Rectifier Modules with a profile height of 17mm: The bridge rectifier modules are the PSDS 62 rated at 63A at 110°C for versions rated at 800V, 1200V, 1400V, 1600V and 1800V and the PSDS 82 rated at 88A at 110°C for versions rated at 800V, 1200V, 1400V, 1600V and 1800V. Both modules have screw connections. These new modules expand POWERSEM's family of single and three-phase rectifier modules with screw, solder and fast-on connectors.

The 17mm height modules follow the current trend in power modules, gradually replacing the old 30mm profile height standard. The new 17mm bridge rectifiers allow new product designs to be slimmer while retaining the same power capacities.

Per module junction-to-case thermal resistance for the PSDS 62 is 0.24 K/W and the PSDS 82 is 0.183 K/W. Modules are RoHS compliant and UL approval has been applied for.

Typical applications include motor drives, power supplies, battery chargers, uninterruptible power supplies (ups), and welding current sources.
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