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12 Pulse Gate Firing board for SCR Control

12 Pulse Gate Firing board for SCR Control

Applied Power Systems announces the BAP3012 next generation twelve pulse gate firing board which provides robust and reliable operation of parallel or series connected SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) bridges for high power phase-control and power conversion applications using up to 100mm devices.

The BAP3012 controls 2 six pulse SCR bridges which can be operated in parallel or series mode with advanced circuitry to provide high accuracy bridge currents to within +/-2% while reducing output ripple and input harmonics.  Provides hard DC gate firing, suitable for firing large area devices. The BAP3012 provides remote control of the Phase Delay Angle to control the output voltage, variable current limiting, remote on/off and options for soft start / stop functions.  The BAP 3012 operates with voltages up to 600VAC. Standard features include overtemperature protection; phase loss inhibit; on-board led indicators; 5V and 15V outputs for customer control circuits; and fault signals.

The BAP3012 is in full production and available for immediate engineering evaluation.  Production lead time is 2-6 weeks with a cost of $500 in OEM quantities.

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