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SynQor Expands its Portfolio of Semi-Regulated Bus Converters

SynQor announces the release of several new entries in its SQ60 series, expanding its BusQor family of isolated semi-regulated dc-dc converters for intermediate bus architecture applications. The SQ60 series accepts the full Telco input range of 36-75V and provides a semi-regulated 12V for point-of-load converters. These converters incorporate next-generation, board-mountable, fixed switching frequency technology, and use synchronous rectification to achieve full load power conversion efficiencies approaching 96%. The SQ60120ETA17 provides 204W in an open-frame, eighth brick package with power dissipation so low that it does not require a heatsink.

The 12V quarter-brick offerings include: the 25A/300W SQ60120QEx25 bus converter, available in an open-frame or baseplated package, the SQ60120QPA28 a 28A/336W open-frame bus converter, and the 33A/396W SQ60120QPB33 baseplated converter. The SQ60060QPA55 is a 6V bus converter in an open-frame configuration providing 55A/330W for lower bus voltage requirements. The SQ60120HZA50 is a 12V half-brick bus converter that can provide up to 50A/600W in a baseplated configuration. The quarter-brick and half brick converters all feature tightly matched output droop share characteristics. This provides for direct paralleling of devices without any additional external circuitry. Each of the droop share converters are calibrated at the
factory to ensure the output voltage is well matched. In addition to current sharing, a droop characteristic improves load transient response as well as point-of-load converter stability.

Protection features include input under-voltage lockout, input over-voltage shutdown, output current limit and short circuit protection, active back bias limit, output over-voltage protection and thermal shutdown. All models have at least 2000Vdc isolation rating between input and output, are rated with MTBF values in excess of 2MHrs, and are fully 6/6 RoHS compliant.

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