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Rad-Hard Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters Serve Satellite Power Systems

Rad-Hard Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters Serve Satellite Power Systems

The LSO Series of feature-rich radiation-hardened (rad-hard) low-voltage, single- and dual-output DC-DC converter modules from International Rectifier suit satellite power systems requiring up to 15 years or more of mission life.

The LSO Series delivers isolated output voltages from 1.5 V to 15.0 V with typical efficiency performance up to 81 percent and features MIL-STD-461C CE03-compliant internal EMI filter. The new 30W modules offer unique functional features that include latch-off output over-voltage protection (OVP) to help prevent damage to the high value digital and analog loads as a result of an over-voltage condition. An adjustable OVP threshold voltage, input current telemetry, and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) with latching mode options are also included.

Available in a 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.475 in. standard form factor with a low weight of < 125 grams, the converters are characterized with total ionizing dose (TID) of greater than 100K Rad(Si), and single event effect (SEE) linear energy transfer (LET) of heavy ions greater than 82 MeV.cm2 /mg.

Other key features include 18 V to 40 V input range, magnetically coupled feedback to insure optimum cross-regulation when the loads are unbalanced, remote sense compensation for single output models, and adjustable output voltage.

Application notes are included in the datasheets which are available on the International Rectifier website at www.irf.com. Design analysis reports which include reliability analysis, components stress analysis, thermal analysis, and worst case analysis are available upon request.

Pricing begins at US $10,400 each in 100-unit quantities. 

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