Power Electronics

POLA Low Voltage Power Supplies

The PMR5000 (50A) and PMR8000 (40A) are two additional products to Ericsson Power Modules' interoperable POLA product offering. Based on very advanced technologies such as TurboTrans, the devices provide the highest level of performance when the load changes quickly from an inactive low-current state to a fully processing high-current state whilst requiring a rock solid, precise supply voltage to be maintained.

Based on a highly optimized power-train and low power loss layout, the PMR series devices offer efficiency levels of up to 96%. With an output voltage range of 0.7V to 3.6V for the PMR5000, and 3.0V to 5.25V for the PMR8000, this high flexibility reduces the number of products in inventory while reducing time to market for designers requiring a large variety of voltages per board. Additionally, with an input voltage range of 4.5V to 14V for the PMR5000, and 8V to 14V for the PMR8000, this versatile voltage range increases design flexibility by supporting operations with tightly regulated intermediate bus or loosely regulated 9.6V to 12V supplies.

The PMR5000 and PMR8000 include TurboTrans and SmartSync technologies. TurboTrans optimizes the transient response of the regulator while simultaneously reducing the quantity of external output capacitors required to meet a target voltage deviation specification. Additionally, for a target output capacitor bank, TurboTrans can be used to significantly improve the regulators' transient response by reducing the peak voltage deviation. SmartSync allows for switching frequency synchronization of multiple modules, thus simplifying EMI noise suppression tasks and reducing input capacitor RMS current requirements.

Protection includes output over-current protection (non-latching, auto reset), and adjustable under-voltage lockout. Other features include pre-bias start-up, autotrack sequencing, multi phase switch mode topology, and differential output voltage remote sense.

The price for both products in OEM quantities is $30.

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