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New products in the April 2006 issue of Power Electronics Technology magazine

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Bus Converter

Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4402NG is an intermediate bus converter (IBC) that is useable with a narrow input range and provides up to 660 W in a quarter-brick package. The resulting power density is 475 W/cu. in.

The PKM4402NG is optimized for use as an IBC by customers using a nonbattery backup, nominal 48-V input system. With a 38-V to 55-V input range, the IBC can be paralleled without external circuitry.

These IBCs from Ericsson have figures of up to 97% efficiency and 63 A for all input voltages. In quantities of 1000 pieces, the PKM4402NG is priced at $60 each.
Plano, Texas


Tantalum Capacitor

The TPM Series from AVX includes higher-voltage, lower-voltage, maximum capacitance and ultralow ESR capacitors that provide high ripple-current rating.

The TPM Series capacitors are available with rated voltages of 50 V, which offer a capacitance of up to µ22 F and an ESR of 75 mΩ max. Low-voltage versions down to 2.5 V also are available with a capacitance value of 1500 µF and an ESR of 12 mΩ. Available in a standard E case size, TPM Series capacitors start at $4 each in 1000-piece quantities for the 22-µF version.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.


POL Converters

Artesyn Technologies' LDO03C, LDO06C, LDO10C, SIL20C2 and SIL40C2 are high-current-density point-of-load (POL) converters. Three of the converters are members of Artesyn's ultrasmall LDO-C series, offering a choice of 3-A, 6-A and 10-A outputs, while the other two are from the SIL-C2 family, with 20-A and 40-A outputs. All five converters are available with a choice of vertical or horizontal through-hole mounting and horizontal surface mounting.

The 3-A, 6-A and 10-A output LDO-C converters accommodate an input range of 3 Vdc to 13.8 Vdc and have an output range of 0.59 Vdc to 5.1 Vdc. The two higher-power SIL-C2 converters have an input range of 4.5 Vdc to 13.8 Vdc; the 20-A model (SIL20C2) has an output range of 0.59 Vdc to 5.1 Vdc, while the 40-A rated SIL40C2 has a 0.6-Vdc to 5-Vdc output range.

Pricing in 1000-piece quantities is $11.95 each for the SIL20C2 and $18.90 each for the SIL40C2. In similar quantities, the LDO03C, LDO06C and LDO10C models are priced at $4.95, $7 and $9.85, respectively.
Artesyn Technologies
Framingham, Mass.



Central Semiconductor's CMLT6427E is packaged in the PICOmini SOT-563 surface-mount case. This device uses 62% less board space and has a 40% lower profile than the industry-standard SOT-23. The CMLT6427E is a 40-V, 0.5-A NPN Darlington transistor with a low collector-emitter saturation voltage of 0.8 V at 50 mA and a minimum current gain of 25,000.

The CMLT6427E is available in bulk or a 7-in. tape and reel. Pricing for the CMLT6427E starts at $0.15 each for 3000 pieces for the reel.
Central Semiconductor
Hauppauge, N.Y.


700-mA Charge Pump

Semtech's SC618 is a constant-current charge pump for white LEDs. The SC618 is the first device in Semtech's next-generation charge pump ICs designed to drive and protect high-current LEDs in flash applications. Using only a single-setting resistor, the SC618 operates either in flash mode to drive high-intensity bursts of up to 700 mA to a flash LED for short durations, or in spotlight mode to provide 40% of flash-mode current, which can be maintained indefinitely.

The SC618 delivers an innovative time-out feature designed to shut off the flash output current. After one second, the SC618 disables the output current in order to safeguard the system against late or missing disable commands contributed from faulty software or system malfunction. This time-out function is part of a comprehensive protection feature set.

The SC618 is offered in a 3-mm × 3-mm MLPD-UT-10 lead-free package with only a 0.6-mm profile, and can be used in the slimmest and smallest of handheld devices. The SC618 is priced at $1.45 each in 10,000-piece lots.
Camarillo, Calif.


Analog Switches

The HV2201 and HV-2301 from Supertex are low-charge-injection, eight-channel, high-voltage analog switch ICs. They feature robust latch-up protection and a quiescent current of 10 µA. Additionally, the HV2301 features integrated bleed resistors.

Other features include 22-Ω switch resistance, serial shift register control, and up to 200-V operating voltage. The devices combine high-voltage bilateral DMOS switches and low-power CMOS logic to provide for efficient control of the high-voltage analog signals.

The HV2201 and the HV2301 are available in 28-pin PLCC, 32-pin BCC and 48-pin TQFP packages. Prices start at $10.11 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Wall-Mount Rectifiers

UniPower Telecom's Sigma Series includes six wall-mounted rectifiers designed as a quick and easy solution for telecom equipment. The rectifiers range in output power from 450 W to 550 W, with output voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 48 V available for applications without batteries. For battery-supported applications, output voltages are preset to 13.6 V, 27.2 V or 54.4 V.

The input range is the universal 85 Vac to 264 Vac and active power factor correction is standard. For applications requiring higher power levels, two units can be connected in parallel, while N+1 redundant operation also is possible where the total load is less than the output of a single unit.
UniPower Telecom
Coral Springs, Fla.


Thick Film Resistors

Ohmite's TFS Series resistors have been specifically designed and developed to absorb more energy compared to standard film resistors. Ideal for medical surge-protection applications, these thick-film resistors offer noninductive performance in an axial package.

Available in six standard sizes, these flat axial-leaded devices cover a range of 0.5 W to 2 W, with energy ratings from 6 J to 55 J for a single impulse. Operating voltages range from 3 kV to 11 kV, with a resistance range from 100 to 100,000, down to 1% tolerance, with a TCR of 100 ppm. Pricing for the TFS Series ranges from $1.22 to $2.11 each in quantities of 1000.
Rolling Meadows, Ill.


Hot-Swap Controller

A four-supply hot-swap controller from Linear Technology features an onboard 8-bit ADC and I2C compatible interface. The LTC4245 has the flexibility to support 3.3 V, 5 V and ±12 V for CompactPCI, or 12 V, 3.3 V and auxiliary 3.3 V for PCI Express, and provides integrated digital power monitoring by measuring card voltages, currents and recording fault conditions.

The LTC4245 turns the board supply voltage on and off in a controlled manner. It offers programmable soft-start and active current limiting for a controlled supply ramp. A two-level filtered circuit breaker and fast current limit protects the card from overcurrent faults while allowing operation through brief load current surges. The controller disconnects the load if it remains in current limit beyond the time-out delay and can be configured to latch off, or for auto-retry following the event.

The LTC4245 is available in 36-lead SSOP and 38-lead 5-mm × 7-mm QFN packages. Pricing begins at $5.95 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


Mini Bridge Rectifier

Designed to replace four low-cost discrete diodes, the SuperMicroDIL bridge rectifiers from Diotec save space and weight versus the discrete approach, yet feature comparable cost. The parts, MS40 to MS500, feature output currents as high as 0.5 A at a maximum reverse voltage of 1000 V.

The package outline is fully compatible with the TO-269AA MiniDIL, and the SuperMicroDIL can be used on existing SMD bridge rectifier layouts. The pin distance of 2.5 mm fulfills all creepage and clearance requirements.
Diotec Semiconductor
Heitersheim, Germany


Quarter-Brick Converters

Power-One's QMS Series of quarter-brick dc-dc converters now includes three single-output models providing 3.3 V at 25 A, 5 V at 14 A and 12 V at 6.75 A. The 18-V to 60-V input range facilitates operation from 24 V and 48 V.

Efficiencies exceed 90%. With 24 V input and 3.3 V output, more than 92% of full-rated power is available with only convection cooling at 70°C. Additional features include: 1500-Vdc input-to-output isolation, basic insulation, startup into highly capacitive loads, and low conducted and radiated EMI.

Interface features include: remote on/off, remote output-voltage sensing, and industry-standard output trim. Protections include overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature. These products incorporate 0.5 in. heights and industry-standard 2.28-in. × 1.45-in. footprints. RoHS lead-free and lead-solder-exempted versions are also available. Pricing for the QMS Series is $45 each in quantities of 1000.
Camarillo, Calif.


AC-DC Converter

XP Power's AML150 is a compact 150-W ac-dc external power supply for portable equipment with a 5.1 W/cu. in. power density and an 88% minimum efficiency. The power supply is smaller than many lower power units of this type, yet needs no internal or external fan to deliver full power at up to 40°C ambient and 60% power at 70°C.

Pricing is from $0.56/W, making it highly competitive. Specifying this 150-W unit often gives designers the power headroom they need to make future upgrades to their products without having to change the power supply. Reliability is greater than 100,000 hours (MIL-HDBK-217F).

The power supply measures 6.73 in. × 2.83 in. × 1.57 in., and is supplied with a 70.8-in. power cord terminated with a four-pin DIN plug. The AML150 is priced from $85 each in quantities of 1000.
XP Power
Littleton, Mass.


7-kV Diodes

The HVTD series of rectifiers from HV Component Associates are rated to 7 kV and 200°C. The device has a maximum forward current (IFAVM) in oil of 1 mA and a maximum reverse current (IR) of 30 µA (18 µA is typical). Pricing for the HVTD rectifiers is $4 each in quantities of 100.
HV Component Associates
Farmingdale, N.J.


Thermal Compound

SARCON SPG-15A from Fujipoly of America is a “form in place” thermally conductive silicone gap filler. This precured thermal material is designed to fill large, uneven gaps, typically found between a hot component and a heatsink or surrounding enclosure.

The single-component toothpaste-like-consistency gap filler offers near-zero compression force with extreme conformability, which is ideal for filling around fragile circuit-board solder points. The form-stable material requires no heat curing, will not cause corrosion on metal surfaces, and maintains all initial properties across a wide temperature range of -40°C to 150°C.

The new material is available in 10-g and 85-g tubes, as well as a 930-g caulk cartridge and a 10-kg can. Application can be made directly from the squeeze tube or can be repackaged into syringes or automatic dispersing cartridges for a more uniform distribution.
Fujipoly of America
Carteret, N.J.


Power Modules

The AAT3174 from Advanced Analogic Technologies (AnalogicTech) is a high-current, high-efficiency charge pump for multifunction LED applications. This device allows designers to control the LEDs via either AnalogicTech's Simple Serial Control or by the RSET pin. This unique capability allows for support of current levels as high as 800 mA with an external resistor.

The AAT3174 also features a tri-mode charge pump, which combines 1X, 1.5X and 2X operation modes with an internal sensing circuit. The device also offers extensive protection circuitry, and integrated soft-start circuitry protects the device from excessive inrush current during startup.

Available in a lead-free 12-pin 3-mm × 3-mm TDFN package, the AAT3174 costs $1.82 each in 1000-unit quantities.
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Chip Resistors

State of the Art (SOTA) offers a line of miniature, high-reliability chip resistors, in both thick and thin film designs. The resistors range in size from 0202 to 0603, with tolerances from 0.1%, power ratings from 20 mW to 200 mW, temperature coefficients of resistance as low as 25 ppm, and voltage ratings from 15 V to 50 V.

Available termination styles include top-side, wraparound and full-metal back. Termination finishes include solder-over-nickel barrier, epoxy bondable and wire bondable.

Several in-house testing options are available, including standard product, Mil-PRF 55342 established reliability (R or S level), or space level to Mil-PRF-55342 “T” product level. Custom testing to customer specifications also is available.

SOTA chip resistors are designed for use in a wide range of high reliability applications including medical electronics, defense systems, microwave communications, aerospace electronics and satellite systems. The resistors generally cost under $1 each in manufacturing quantities.
State College, Pa.


Accurate Buck Controller

The LM274x family of synchronous buck controllers from National Semiconductor offers 1% voltage feedback accuracy. All four controllers provide precise core regulation. They are also designed to work at higher frequencies.

The LM2747 offers 1% voltage feedback accuracy across an extended industrial temperature range. It also has a 40-ns minimum on-time capable of providing an output of 0.6 V from a 12-V rail at a switching frequency of 1 MHz. In addition, the LM2747 feature set includes prebias load startup capability, soft-start with tracking, a precision-enable for the sequencing of power rails, and external clock synchronization to reduce interaction with other supplies and sensitive load circuitry.

The LM2746 has the same performance as the LM2747, but does not include the prebias load startup capability or the external clock synchronization feature. The LM2745 has the same feature set as the LM2747, but offers reduced voltage feedback accuracy of 1.5% over the extended temperature range. The LM2748 has the same accuracy as the LM2745, but without an external clock synchronization feature.

The LM274x family is priced starting at $1.45 each in 1000-unit quantities for the LM2746.
National Semiconductor
Santa Clara, Calif.


Electronic Fuse

ON Semiconductor's NIS5112 is a new member of the SMART HotPlug family. The unit is an integrated, self-protected, resettable, electronic fuse that utilizes a high-side N-channel FET, driven by an internal charge pump. Designed for use in 12-V systems, the electronic fuse provides a cost-effective inrush current-limiting solution for hot swap applications.

Designed to allow the safe insertion and removal of equipment into 12-V backplanes, the NIS5112 uses an internal SENSEFET that enables active current limiting via inexpensive chip resistors, instead of more expensive, low-impedance current shunts. The device has a typical on-resistance of 30 mΩ.

The NIS5112D1R2G (latch) and NIS5112D2R2G (retry) are offered in a lead-free SO-8 package and are priced at $1.15 each in quantities of 2500.
On Semiconductor


Energy-Metering ICs

Three polyphase energy metering ICs from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) provide watt-hour information using pulse outputs that can directly drive stepper motor displays found in revenue meters or submeters, three-phase motors or generators, industrial control and utility automation. The pulse outputs can also be used as inputs to a MCU for LCD display meters.

The ADE7752A and ADE7752B are pin compatible to the ADE7752, and consume 40 mW. The ADE7762 allows the meter to display per-phase reverse power and dropout, and phase-sequence error. To facilitate the migration to new designs, the ADE7752A and ADE7752B are pin compatible with the ADE7752. The ADE7762 is pin similar, with the four additional pins located on the top of the package; therefore, allowing one pc board design to support ADE7762- and ADE7752/A/B-based designs.

The ADE7752A, ADE7752B, and ADE7762 are available in 24-lead and 28-lead SOIC packages, and are priced in 1000-piece quantities at $4.02 each for the ADE7752A and ADE7752B, and $4.52 each for the ADE7762. A reference design based on the ADE7752 is documented in Application Note AN-641 and is applicable to all of the products. While the ADE7752A has been fully released, the ADE7752B and ADE7762 will be sampling in June 2006, and are scheduled for release in August 2006.
Analog Devices
Norwood, Mass.


Bus Converter

Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4402NG is an intermediate bus converter (IBC) that is useable with a narrow input range, and provides up to 660 W in a quarter-brick package. The resulting power density is 475 W/cu. in.

The PKM4402NG is optimized for use as an IBC by customers using a nonbattery backup, nominal 48-V input system. With a 38-V to 55-V input range, the PKM4402NG can be paralleled without external circuitry.

These IBCs from Ericsson have figures up to 97% efficiency and 63 A for all input voltages. In OEM quantities of 1000 pieces, the PKM4402NG is priced at $60 each.
Plano, Texas


120-W Power Supply

Phihong USA's PSA120 Single Output Series is a 120-W, low-cost, open-frame power supply. The PSA120 is available with dc output voltages of 5 V, 12 V and 24 V, and maximum loads of 15 A, 10 A and 5 A with output power of 75 W to 120 W.

The PSA120 Series power supply is overvoltage and short-circuit protected, with cUL/UL, TUV and CE safety approvals.

The PSA120 is 5 in. × 3 in. × 1.3 in., and weighs 25.40 oz. Typical pricing for the PSA120 power supply is $29.95 each in OEM quantities. Production units will be available beginning in May.
Phihong USA
Fremont, Calif.


1000-W Power Module

Transistor Devices Inc.'s (TDI's) Signature 1000-W, 1-U Power Module provides -54 Vdc for rectifier applications and 48 Vdc for front-end architectures. The modules are designed for use in 300-mm or mid-plane cabinets by featuring a chassis depth of 10.63 in. They fit three across in the matching 19 in., 1RU power shelf and share up to 3000 W per shelf. The 91% efficient Signature 1000-W modules, conserve energy and space.

Other standard features include self-cooling by internal fans, visual and electronic alarms, and an I2C EEPROM. The rectifier version is well suited for telecom applications such as wireless base stations and WiMax systems. As a 48-V front end, the specifications are targeted for enterprise equipment such as VoIP, routers, SANs and blade servers. Its short length will be particularly beneficial for EMEA applications where less than 300-mm mounting is a high priority.
Long Island, N.Y.


Thick Film Resistor

TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a rugged thick film resistor with voltage ratings up to 20 kV, designated the CGH/CMH Series. The CGH Series resistors are constructed by applying IRC's MetalGlaze thick film-resistive material to a high alumina ceramic core and fired at 1000°C.

The CGH Series resistors have power ratings from 0.25 W to 5 W, and are available in resistances from 100 kΩ to 2000 MΩ at tolerances down to 0.5%; with TCRs down to 50 ppm/°C. Voltage rating ranges from 20 kV to 750 V.

IRC can also produce devices outside these specifications to meet customer requirements. The high-reliability version, designated the CMH Series, is military approved to MIL-R-49462 (type RHV) for all values from 0.25 W through 5 W. After precision laser trimming, the resistors are epoxy-encapsulated.

Typical pricing for the CGH Series resistors ranges from $1.25 each to $4 each, depending on wattage, in quantities of 10,000.
Boone, N.C.


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