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High Current DC-DC Converters

High Current DC-DC Converters

WAGO Corporation's High-Current 789 Series DC-DC Converters power I/O within mobile manufacturing, remote energy production and material handling applications. WAGO Engineering Services developed three DC-DC Converters that run 24 VDC controls from 12 VDC batteries or chargers. Wide input ranges (8-16 VDC or 19.2-28.8 VDC) support complete I/O nodes in automated guided vehicles, solar arrays, 5 V barcode scanners and emergency response vehicles.

Just 17.5 mm wide, the 789 Series DC-DC Converters are space-saving alternatives to standard designs. The devices provide up to 90% efficiency (24 V DC in, full load), minimizing draw for mobile I/O applications; input polarity safeguards electronics. Suiting widely varying remote I/O applications, the devices feature an operating range of -25 °C to +55 °C or -40 °C to +70 °C (per model). Vibration-resistant, maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure terminations ensure reliability. Additional capabilities such as inverting input and + or -15 V output provide further flexibility.

Initially created for a material handling/logistics customer, the 789 Series DC-DC Converters are now standard items. Manufactured at WAGO's Germantown, Wis., headquarters, Engineering Services can tune output range from 3.3 to 48 V, suiting specific requests.

      High-Current DC-DC Models:

        a. Step Down Converter (24 V to 5 V) - Produces 5 VDC at up to 1.5 A from 24 V.

        b. Step Down Converter (24 V to 12 V) - Produces 5 VDC at up to 1.5 A from 24 V.

        c. Step Up Converter (12 V to 24 V) - Produces 24 VDC at up to 350 mA from 12 V.


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