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Expanded Bipolar Rail Supply Offerings

Expanded Bipolar Rail Supply Offerings

UltraVolt, Inc. announced the latest addition to its proportional MicroSize product offering, the RS Series. UltraVolt has expanded its MicroSize product offerings in response to customer requests for a better product in their specific applications. Available proportional MicroSize devices challenge designers with poor output-voltage stability and output-voltage load regulations of 40% on some competitor supplies. UltraVolt's RS Series is fully programmable, fully regulated, and isolated with excellent load regulation of less than 0.5% as well as an output ripple of less than 0.5% (lower ripple specs are available with -F-M option).

The RS Series provides twelve (12) models from ±50VDC to ±700VDC fixed output or adjustable over a range of 50% to 100% under proportional input or analog programmable control. Using an output center tap isolated to ±2.5kV, designers can optimize the bias voltage for their applications quickly and easily. The most popular application is as a rail supply - a bipolar power supply for powering HV amplifier and pulse generator applications. RS Series units offer 0 to 10 watts of output power in less than 2in³ and are designed utilizing state-of-the-art power-conversion topology and encapsulation techniques that provide high reliability.

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