Power Electronics

DC/DC Converter, DC/AC Inverter and Hdi Rectifier/Charger

Benning Power Electronics announced the release of three new power conversion products that will allow power utilities to upgrade their networks in line with the U.S Government's new smart grid initiatives. The DC/DC Converter, DC/AC Inverter and HDi Rectifier/Charger are designed with best-in-class technology to provide low-voltage power conversion for electrical substations that is more compact, robust, and cost effective than traditional power conversion products. The trademark modular design of Benning's new products also offers clients critical redundancy capabilities to increase the overall reliability of their system.

Benning products, including the DC/DC Converter, DC/AC Inverter and HDi Rectifier/Charger also have the highest efficiency rates in the industry -- up to a 94% efficiency rate -- compared to the industry average of 80%, which allows power companies to save money and be environmentally sensitive. Additionally, they are constructed with robust components which greatly lengthen the lifespan of each unit.

DC/DC Converter (125VDC input to -48VDC output):

This compact 19" rack-mount DC/DC converter is a cost effective option for power companies to connect existing 125VDC batteries to -48VDC equipment without the need of additional, costly and cumbersome -48VDC batteries. The converter provides up to 360 amps of 48 VDC power with an efficient rate up to 92%.

125VAC Inverter (125VDC input to 120VAC output):

Benning's 120VAC inverter can provide up to 3.75kVA with three 1.25kVA modules. These modules share the load in parallel, which allows the system to be configured for redundancy to ensure the optimum availability for critical loads. Designed with no single point of failure, these units are also designed with efficiency in mind with a rating up to 91%.

HDi Charger/rectifier (120VDC output):

Benning's HD charger uses a compact design to address critical DC load powering and battery charging requirements. The charger has an efficiency rating up to 94% and features the latest high frequency power conversion design to optimize efficiency and quality.

Benning Power Electronics
Part Number: Smart Grid

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