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Buck Converters Combine High Current, High Efficiency

Buck Converters Combine High Current, High Efficiency

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a pair of synchronous DC/DC buck converters for use in applications such as monitors, TVs and STBs.  The AP65500 and AP65400 deliver continuous load currents of 5 A and 4 A respectively, 7 A peak, at an efficiency as high as 96%.  The devices operate at a switching frequency of 340 kHz and incorporate a light-load efficiency improvement algorithm that maintains the devices' low-loss performance across a wide load range.

The buck converters provide current mode control for point-of-load power management and offer excellent line and load regulation, as well as a fast response to transient loads.  A wide operating voltage range of 4.75 V to 18 V means the devices readily support 5 V, 9 V and 12 V bus systems.  The output is adjustable from 0.8 V to 16 V.

To safeguard downstream circuit components, the buck converters' built-in protection features include current limit and output over-voltage protection, under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown.  To prevent excessive in-rush current and output-voltage overshoot, the converters also provide a programmable soft-start function.

The buck converters' compact SO-8EP packaging, high level of component integration including low RDS(ON) high- and low-side MOSFETs, and their minimal external support circuitry, simplify board layout and minimize space requirements for a wide range of distributed power architectures.

The AP65500 and AP65400 synchronous DC-DC buck converters are priced at $0.75USD and $0.65USD respectively, each in 10k piece quantities.  

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