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500 W Programmable DC Power Supply

AMETEK Programmable Power has introduced the Sorensen XG 1500 Series, a 1500 W programmable DC power supply designed for ATE, OEM, burn-in, and R&D applications. The unit is available in a number of different versions, with output voltages ranging from 8 V(187.5 A maximum output current) to 600 V (2.5 A maximum output current).

The XG Series is available with standard USB, RS-232/RS-485 interfaces. It is also available with optional LXI Ethernet, GPIB IEEE 488.2 and isolated analog interfaces at substantially lower prices than competitors' units. In most cases, these optional interfaces cost less than half that of competitor units.

While digital interfaces are important today, approximately half the programmable supplies currently in use are controlled with an analog voltage. For most power supplies on the market, the input voltage range is a fixed 0 - 5 V or 0 - 10 V. The XG 1500 lets users select whatever input voltage range they need from 0 - 2 V to 0 - 10 V. The XG 1500 can also be programmed by varying an input resistance, with the full scale resistance being any value between 2 kW and 10 kW.

Another feature of the XG family not found with other power supplies is called internal sequencing. With most programmable power supplies, to implement a voltage or current sequence, the test program has to issue a separate SCPI command for each step in the sequence. Because each command takes about 25 ms to process, this can slow down the test sequence.

To solve this, XG users can separately store and run sequences, using SCPI commands. This greatly speeds up the process, as the XG 1500 can run up to 1,000 steps per second. This feature allows the user to run sequences that are just not possible with other programmable power supplies.

For users that may not require computer control, the XG Series allows users to completely control the supply from the front panel. Users can program output voltages and currents, turn on and off the auxiliary outputs, and turn on and off the main supply outputs.

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