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40-V, 2-A Synchronous Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter

40-V, 2-A Synchronous Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter

The high temperature H-grade (-40 °C to 150 °C junction temperature) and high reliability MP-grade (-55 °C to 150 °C) version of the LTC3115-1 from Linear Technology comes in a 20-lead thermally enhanced TSSOP package. The LTC3115-1 is a synchronous buck-boost converter that delivers up to 2 A of continuous output current from a wide range of power sources from single-cell Li-Ion to 24 V/28 V industrial rails to 40 V automotive inputs.

The LTC3115-1’s 2.7 V to 40 V input and output range provides a regulated output with inputs above, below or equal to the regulated output. The low noise buck-boost topology 

incorporated in the LTC3115-1 provides a continuous, jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes, making it ideal for RF and other noise-sensitive applications that must maintain a low-noise constant output voltage with a variable input power source. Efficiency of up to 95% extends run time in battery powered systems. The LTC3115-1’s switching frequency is user- programmable between 100 kHz and 2 MHz, and can be synchronized to an external clock. Proprietary buck-boost PWM circuitry ensures low noise and high efficiency while minimizing the size of external components. The combination of tiny externals and a TSSOP-20E package provide a compact solution footprint.

The H-grade version operates from -40 °C to a maximum junction temperature of 150 °C, guaranteed throughout this temperature range. Similarly, the MP grade version operates from -55 °C to a maximum junction temperature of 150 °C, and is guaranteed and tested throughout this temperature range. For both the H grade and the MP grade, the electrical specifications are identical to the industrial grades. They are ideal for automotive, industrial and military applications, which are subject to extreme ambient temperatures.

Both the LTC3115HFE-1 and the LTC3115MPFE-1 are available in a 20-lead thermally enhanced TSSOP package. Pricing starts at $6.36 and $16.48 each, respectively, for 1,000-piece quantities, and both are available from stock.



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