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2500 W Server Power Supply Achieves 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency

TDK Corporation announces that the TDK-Lambda Model HFE2500-48 power supply has now been certified to the 80 PLUS® Platinum level for redundant, server, and data center applications. The 80 PLUS performance specification requires power supplies to be 80% or greater energy efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load with a true power factor of 0.90. This makes 80 PLUS certified power supplies substantially more efficient than typical supplies. Moreover, the 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency level, to which the HFE2500-48 has been certified, is much more stringent.

The HFE2500-48 operates with a nominal 230Vac input and provides a 48Vdc, 2500 watt, output and delivers over 92% efficiency at 20% load, 94% efficiency at 50% load, and over 92% efficiency at 100% load (see attached efficiency graph). In addition, this supply exceeds the required power factor of 0.95 at 50% load with a measured power factor of 0.97.

With the 19-inch rack-mount enclosure, as many as four supplies can be paralleled with automatic load-sharing to provide up to 9.5kW of output power. A popular option is an integral MCU in each supply that allows for remote programming, monitoring, and status reporting via an isolated I2C and PMBus interface. In addition, an "energy-saving" feature of the I2C/PMBus interface is that rack-mounted HFE2500 supplies can be individually turned On/Off as the total system load demand varies over time (aka "load-shedding").

The HFE2500 supplies, each measuring only 1.61"H x 4.21"W x 12.8"L, can be used individually or as many as four (4) can be mounted in an 1U-high 19-inch rack enclosure to form a paralleled connected, load-sharing, hot-swap, N + M redundant 9.5kW power system. Should a fault occur each supply has an internal ORing MOSFET switch that will automatically disconnect it from the load and the other paralleled supplies. In addition, alarm signals and LED indicators are provided to identify a faulty unit. The TDK-Lambda HFE2500 power supplies are available now and priced from $689.00 each in quantities of 100 units.

Part Number: HFE2500-48

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