Power Electronics

1200V High Voltage Integrated Circuit for Inverter Systems

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new High Voltage Integrated Circuit (HVIC) to drive IGBT power modules dedicated for 400V AC lines. The new device M81738FP is suitable for 1200V-class IGBT and has got industry leading high noise immunity and withstand capability to voltage undershoots.

The HVIC features a 1200V Divided Reduced Surface Field (RESURF) structure that relaxes the surface electric field strength and provides high reliability by stabilization of the blocking voltage capability. The high latch-up immunity already known from the previous device M81019FP has been further improved by low impedance buried layer structures employed in the new chip.

Although being electrically and mechanically compatible with this previous generation the M81738FP the new device provides a new built-in protection circuit that enables the device to withstand electrical supply voltage surges on the floating and the low side during operation.

The new HVIC is fully RoHS compliant.

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