Power Electronics

Wide-Input, Programmable PoL Converters

MURATA POWER Solutions has introduced the OKI-T/36W series of SMT point of load (PoL) DC-DC converters to its Okami range. The converters offer the same DOSA standard SMT pinout as the company's OKY-T/3 and -T/5, the 24Vin OKI-T/36W series. With a wide input voltage range and a programmable output voltage, the OKI-T/36W series achieves high power conversion efficiency with excellent derating performance.

The OKI-T/36W-W40 features a wide input range of 19-40Vdc and selectable output voltage between 5.021 and 15.5Vdc. Power output is 36W at 12Vout. This highly efficient PoL converter also features under voltage lock out (UVLO), output short circuit protection, over-current and over temperature protections and an On-Off control. The 24Vin OKI series is able to drive up to 1000µF ceramic capacitive loads, making it easy for users to keep ripple and noise under control.
Murata Power Solutions
Mansfield, MA

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