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Thermally Shielded Capstick Capacitor Meets Lead-Free Needs

ITW PAKTRON has introduced a thermally shielded enhanced version of the standard Type CB4G product, which is designed for lead Pb-free surface mount assembly. The capacitor plate elements of the enhanced Type CB4G-FS version retain the same core construction as before, so their electrical and environmental performance specifications are unchanged from the original market-proven CB4G product.

Enhanced processing and improved packaging allows this thermally shielded version to handle the higher reflow soldering temperatures used for lead Pb-free SMD assembly and as a result the product is categorized RoHS-6 Compliant.

The capacitor is the only volume metalized film capacitor able to withstand the reflow solder temperatures, per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020. These products are compatible with industry-standard lead Pb-free reflow solder assembly procedures.

The Type CB4G-FS product features ultra-low ESR and high ripple current capability in a small case size. These capacitors provide improved stability, both electrically and mechanically, compared to large multilayer ceramic capacitors.

ITW Paktron
Lynchburg, VA


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