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Spotlight on Test and Measurement

AC Power Testing

Pacific Power Source has incorporated Test Manager into version 1.3 of its UPC Studio Software, a tool for gaining control of universal programmable controller (UPC)-equipped ac power sources. With Test Manager, the user can automate instrument compliance testing and certification, and obtain preconfigured test sequences and test plans from Pacific Power Source. Test Manager helps the user quickly create and run test sequences and test plans. Test sequences consist of one or more output sequences designed to execute a series of automated tasks that control and monitor the ac power source and other instruments. Test results are then stored in user-defined test reports. Test plans manage and simplify complex tasks by allowing the user to link together a series of test sequences into a single test.

UPC Studio delivers a complete graphical interface for the ac power source. UPC Studio including UPC Control and UPC Manager with Output Sequence Browser is free to customers with registration. Test Manager is priced at $1750, with factory-written test sequences starting at $500.
Pacific Power Source
Irvine, Calif.

Power Analyzer

The PM1000+ power analyzer from Voltech Instruments provides a proprietary operating mode to measure standby power over the minimum possible duration, saving valuable development time. The analyzer also includes waveforms and harmonic bar charts on its built-in color graphics display, instantly revealing every detail of the product-under-test's power-consumption characteristics. The flexible PM10000+ displays numeric and graphical data in a variety of forms, suited to any phase of a product's development cycle from initial prototype to production test. Interfaces include USB, RS232 and GPIB for fast and efficient data transfer and storage during design or production test.

On the front panel are the 4-mm safety inputs for voltage and current, the bright color display, the simple four function-control keys and further keys for access to the comprehensive operating menu and context-sensitive help systems. Special operating modes of the analyzer include inrush for measuring transient peak currents, standby power for very-low-power (less than 1-W) measurements, ballast for high-frequency lighting ballasts and an integrator for watt-hour measurements. The PM1000+ is priced at $2795.
Voltech Instruments
Fort Myers, Fla.

DC Power Supplies

Chroma Systems Solutions has expanded its product families of dc sources. The Constant Power 62000P Series, available from 600 W to 5 kW, are programmable dc sources that offer advantages for automated test equipment integration and testing. These include constant power operating envelope, precision readback of output current and voltage, output trigger signals and the ability to create complex dc transient waveforms. This family is ideal for users conducting automated testing of dc-dc converters and similar devices.

The Modular 62000B Series is configurable from a wide range of 1500-W programmable power modules. These systems allow for modular expandable dc power-supply systems up to 120 kW and 2700 A and voltages up to 150 Vdc. Modules include precision current sharing and N+1 hot-swappable redundancy, perfect for burn-in and extended high-power dc power requirements. The 62000B provides an economical solution to high-power burn-in and functional testing requirements.
Chroma Systems Solutions
Irvine, Calif.

Frequency Response Analyzer

Newtons4th NA's next generation of frequency-response analyzers feature new architecture yielding precision performance. The Newtons4th 1700 series performs as a frequency-response analyzer, LCR/impedance meter, rms voltmeter, phase-angle (vector) voltmeter, harmonic analyzer and power meter. It has a bandwith of 10 ÌHz to 35 MHz, a phase accuracy of 0.01 degrees and a gain accuracy of 0.01 dB. Configured for ease of use with single-button access to all measurement modes without an external computer, the 1700 series is offered with RS232C serial, LAN/Ethernet, and GPIB/IEEE488 PC interfaces, as well as USB capabilities for both external control and data transfers from its memory.

Two models are offered. The PSM1700 PsimetriQ has a bandwidth of 10 ÌHz to 1 MHz with differential inputs and is priced at $5750. The PSM1735 NumetriQ has a bandwidth of 10 ÌHz to 35 MHz with balanced-differential inputs and is priced at $8995.
Newtons4th NA
Arlington Heights, Ill.

Automated Test System

Intepro Systems' I-9500LXI is an LXI-based power-supply test system that packs all the features commercial users need into one single-bay cabinet. The automated test system addresses the growing market for ac-dc and dc-dc power converters under 1000 W. The tester comes standard with a six-digit multimeter, four-channel digital oscilloscope, five test loads, an 850-Vac power source and Intepro's PowerStar 5 software, which makes design verification, production testing and repair of whole families of power supplies easy.

Built around Intepro's new LXI controller, the system supports both legacy test instruments that communicate using RS-232C, IEEE-488.2 and the company's own Micro1000 and CAN communication buses, while providing a migration path to future LXI instruments. The base system has a single 300-W load and four 75-W loads, an 18-input by 4-output differential multiplexer, 16 digital inputs and 16 outputs, 48 relay drivers and 10 5-A power relays. Five open slots provide space for growth. The architecture also can accommodate the user's choice of 850-Vac, 1250-Vac or 1500-W dc power sources. The I-9500LXI is priced starting at $53,325.
Intepro Systems
Santa Ana, Calif.

Power Measurement Analyzer

From Agilent Technologies, the U1881A and U1882A power measurement application for Agilent oscilloscopes provides a full suite of power measurements that run directly on an Infiniium 8000 Series oscilloscope or on a separate pc for use with InfiniiVision 6000 and 7000 Series oscilloscopes. Agilent's power measurement application offers seven modules to help characterize devices (power device analysis, input line analysis, output analysis, turn-on/turn-off analysis, transient analysis, modulation analysis) in addition to deskew and report generation. Each module contains relevant measurement and setup selections for easy repeatability.
Agilent Technologies
Loveland, Colo.

Oscilloscopes with Analysis Tools

LeCroy has expanded its M-Type oscilloscope product line to include six new models, ranging from 200 MHz to 2 GHz. The M-Type oscilloscopes combine high performance and ease of use with tools for understanding and validating a design. They support differential voltage probes and a range of current probes designed for power-supply design and test, as well as a software package for switching power-supply measurements. The oscilloscopes come standard with a full set of analysis tools including an advanced search and analysis feature, a fast viewing mode, and a tool for documentation and report generation.

In particular, the WaveRunner MXi oscilloscopes ship standard with a variety of analysis tools and application programs. The WaveSurfer MXs oscilloscopes offer strong fundamentals for lab and bench oscilloscope use at 5 Gsamples/sec on each channel with 10-Mpts/ch memory. WaveSurfer MXs series oscilloscopes come with an advanced math package. Prices start at $7570 for WaveRunner MXi oscilloscopes and $11,690 for WaveSurfer MXs oscilloscopes.
Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.

Digital AC Ammeters

From Murata Power Solutions, the Datel ACA-20RM series is comprised of true rms-responding digital ac ammeters with built-in current transformers. They can provide direct measurement of the true rms values of complex, nonsinusoidal ac currents of between 2 A and 50 A. The compact, self-powered, single-board modules feature a large LED display.

The Datel ACA-20RM series comprises five models with current ranges of: 0 A to 0.2 A, 0 A to 2 A, 0 A to 20 A, 0 A to 30 A and 0 A to 50 A. The modules are self-powered with both 120-V and 220-V versions available. Power consumption is less than 50 mA. The 50-A model features an oversized split core transformer to ease installation and accommodate wires up to 4 AWG. With overall dimensions of 1.826 in. × 1.280 in., the models' modules are completely self-contained, which enhances reliability and means that no external components are required.
Murata Power Solutions
Mansfield, Mass.

Fuel Cell Load

AMREL's integrated Fuel Cell Load (FCL) delivers 0-V operation at 100-Adc or 200-Adc ratings. It features current interruption and includes a frequency-response analyzer for impedance measurement/electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, plus a full-featured eLoads — the company's line of programmable electronic loads. The FCL is a total solution for all stages of the fuel cell supply chain. For research and development, the FCL provides a one-box answer for testing electrical specs, durability and interpreting impedance data. Test stations can be instantly tailored.
Long Beach, Calif.

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