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Toroidal Inductors

Vishay Intertechnology's TJ5-HT toroidal, high-current inductors feature operating temperatures up to 200°C and enable low EMI. Inductance ranges from 470 µH down to 0.47 µH with a current rating of 2.8 A to 36 A. Maximum DCR ranges from 0.29 Ω to 0.0024 Ω (vertically mounted) and 0.3 Ω to 0.003 Ω (horizontally mounted). Pricing is $1.85 each in lots of 1000.
Vishay Intertechnology
Malvern, Pa.


Hospital-Grade Transformers

The ISO-PUCK from Bridgeport Magnetics/Tortran is a line of enclosed hospital-grade isolation transformers with a 50-Hz operating frequency. They come in power ranges from 300 VA to 3000 VA with input and output voltages of 117 V/60 Hz. Installed between the wall outlet and any electrical or electronic apparatus used in patient care areas, the transformer provides increased safety from electric shock. The height varies from 2.75 in. to 4.25 in., and the weight ranges from 8 lb to 38 lb. Pricing starts at $218 each.
Bridgeport Magnetics
Bridgeport, Conn.


Radial-Leaded Inductors

The DR370-1, -2 and -3 Series radial leaded inductors from Datatronic Distribution protect against the damaging effects of EMI. Inductance ranges from 0.31 µH to 2.2 µH. The DCR is specified from 0.75 mΩ to 4 mΩ over a current maximum rating from 20 A to 42 A. They are compatible with temperatures ranging from -55°C to 125°C. Units are priced from $0.20 each in production volumes.
Datatronic Distribution
Romoland, Calif.


High-Frequency Inductor

The HM58 Series from TT electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division is a high-frequency inductor with excellent power dissipation. The inductor features a thick coil wire rated for saturation current up to 60 A. Modeled after the HM56 through-hole inductor, the HM58 features three open sides. The inductor features low DCR losses and is suitable for applications up to 1 MHz. Pricing is around $0.59 each in lots of 10,000
TT electronics


Medical Transformers

Custom-designed electronic transformers from Standex Electronics use special multibraided wire, which is then wound via a proprietary process to greatly reduce leakage inductance or energy transfer. This virtually eliminates the noise that is a common reason for repeating medical procedures like MRIs and X-rays.
Standex Electronics
Cincinnati, Ohio


Power Transformers

Central Technologies' 75-VA to 2.5-kVA power transformers reduce no-load losses and have a low stray magnetic field. They offer low leakage flux, low excitation current, an output-voltage tolerance less than 3% and a maximum temperature rise of 65°C. Sizes (outer diameter) range from 80 mm to 200 mm, with heights ranging from 35 mm to 95 mm.
Central Technologies
Irvine, Calif.


Output Power Chokes

ICE Components' I04 series of output power chokes simplify the design of flyback power supplies based on ON Semiconductor's NCP-1207 controller. ICE's I04 series is designed to work as part of a second-stage filter. The toroid-based design uses Micrometals' cores to assure long-term thermal stability. Current ratings range from 3.3 A to 16 A, inductances range from 3 µH to 34.8 µH at no load and DCRs as low as 2 mΩ. Pricing starts at $0.20 each.
ICE Components
Marietta, Ga.


Multilayer-Chip Power Inductors

From Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.), the CKP2520 series multilayer-chip power inductors offer inductance values from 1 µH to 4.7 µH and current ratings from 1.4 A to 1.1 A, respectively. Tighter electromagnetic field control and an internal-electrode printing process that doubled the thickness of the internal conductor resulted in lower dc resistance and higher current ratings. The inductors feature an EIA 1008 footprint and a maximum height of 1 mm. Pricing starts at $0.20 each in production quantities.
Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.)
Schaumburg, Ill.


Silicon-Iron Material

XFLUX, a distributed air gap 6.5% silicon-iron material, has been added to Magnetics' existing powder core line. A true high-temperature material with no thermal aging, XFLUX cores are ideal for low- and medium-frequency chokes where inductance at peak is critical. Seven toroid sizes (60 permeability) are available. Outside diameters range in size from 21 mm to 47 mm.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Switch-Mode Transformers

Premier Magnetics POL family of off-line switch-mode transformers come in a variety of single- and multiple-output-voltage ranges from 3 V to 48 V. Most of the 110 models in the series offer an 85-Vac to 265-Vac input. Premier supplies users with a typical circuit reference design for any requested transformer model, based on a minimum OEM quantity threshold, at no extra charge. Pricing starts at $0.70 each in OEM quantities.
Premier Magnetics
Lake Forest, Calif.


2-Phase Coupled Inductor

The PA2143NL 2-phase coupled inductor from Pulse is designed for use with the Volterra VT13xx chipset, which targets notebook VCORE applications. When the inductor is combined with Volterra's coupled inductor topology, ripple current per phase can be reduced by up to 51%. That's versus the standard approach of using a 2-phase voltage regulator with each phase having it's own separate inductor using a molded, powdered-iron core material.
San Diego


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