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Spotlight on Magnetic Products

Low-Profile Disc Inductors

The RL-6600 Power-Disc inductors come in three sizes and 114 standard values. Their inductance values range from 2.2µH to 3900µH with current ratings up to 28.2A. Derived from high saturation flux density material, they're designed for use in switching regulators.
Renco Electronics, Rockledge, Fl.
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High Current Inductors

The DXM series of lead-free power inductors is designed for switching power supplies and portable electronics. Their low-profile design minimizes board space and maximizes power density while providing excellent coplanarity and reflow solderability. The multigap technology used to manufacture them reduces fringing flux and stray field emissions. They feature current handling ranges of up to 30A, and inductance ranges of 0.20µH to 10µH.
Tyco Electronics, Menlo Park, Calif.
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Surface-Mount, Common-Mode Choke Circuits

The ICM-0805 and ICM-1206 common-mode choke circuits feature a wirewound design enabling lower dc resistance, higher current-handling capability, and greater stability than multilayer common-mode choke circuits. The ICM-0805 has maximum dc resistance from 0.20Σ to 0.45Σ at rated currents from 450mA to 280mA and common-mode impedance ranging from 30Σ to 370Σ at 100 MHz. Maximum dc resistance for the ICM-1206 is 0.3Σ to 1.2Σ with rated current ranging from 370mA to 200mA and common-mode impedance from 90Σ to 2200Σ.
Vishay Intertechnology Inc., Malvern, Pa.
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Solenoid Catalog

This product catalog supplement provides engineering data, including dimension diagrams, force curves, and coil data on 63 new solenoids. The product expansion adds rotary, tubular, push/pull, open frame, and permanent magnet solenoids to lines of heavy-duty single and dual coil tubular solenoids. Also included in the catalog are the company's manufacture standards and custom-designed solenoids, actuators, and electronics to control actuation systems in industrial and commercial equipment.
ElectroForce, Niles, Ill., www.electroforcesspi.com
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Ferrite Drum Core Inductors

The SPB-250 series uses ferrite material stable from zero to its full-rated current and has 26 parts. Inductance values range from 18.0µH at 13.5A to 2200µH at 1.7A. Typical dimensions are 0.974-in. diameter × 0.795-in. height. Each part has a mounting hole through the center of the core that accepts a No. 4 nonmetallic screw to secure the part to the PCB.
Prem Magnetics, McHenry, Ill.
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Low Profile Inductors

Coiltronics® FP2 and FP4 (Flat Pac) surface-mounted inductors have a gapped ferrite core for optimum efficiency at very high switching frequencies. The low profile (3 mm to 5 mm height) and very low DCR (under 0.5mΣ for all values) makes them ideal for use in high frequency VRM modules.
Cooper Bussmann, Boynton Beach, Fla.
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The MG-10D gaussmeter offers remote operation via USB, RS-232, and IEEE-488 interfaces, a bright 80-character alphanumeric display, high-speed ac and dc measurements from 1 mgauss to 300 kgauss, and auto compensation for probe linearity and temperature. The MF-10D fluxmeter features remote operation via USB, RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces, a bright 80-character alphanumeric display, high-speed ac and dc measurements from 10 mgauss to 300 kgauss, and memory for 10 measurement set-up codes.
Walker LDJ Scientific, Worcester, Mass.
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SMT Power Inductors

The PM7232S, PM1038S, PM12639S, PM12645S, PM12651S, PM13560S, PM13656S, and PM13666S surface-mount power inductors come in 7 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 13 mm footprints. Designed with a flat wire to create more space for high current capabilities, they have an inductance range of 0.10µH to 10µH. They also handle current as high as 80A and offer a dc resistance as low as 0.54mΣ.
J.W. Miller, Gardena, Calif.
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Shielded SMD Inductors

The DR340-X Series of shielded SMD inductors have a low-seated profile at 0.319 in. to 0.315 in. above the circuit board and operate over the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Custom inductance values are available for maximum flexibility.
Datatronic Distribution Inc., Romoland, Calif.
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