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PSMA report details impact of power-supply miniaturization and integration

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) has issued a new publication titled, “Technology Report - Review of Commercial Developments in Power-Supply in Package and Power Supply on a Chip.” The report documents the final phase of a special two-phase project dedicated to providing insight to both PSMA members and the broader electronics industry on the impact of power-supply miniaturization and integration, and the opportunities for new business it enables.

The report builds on the work of the first phase, an in-depth survey of this emerging market that was documented in the PSMA publication, “Market and Technology Report - Power Supply in Package - Power Supply on a Chip” issued in February 2008. The second phase focused on benchmarking six leading-edge commercial products, evaluating their performance, identifying the technologies and materials used to fabricate them and determining the progress and future direction of the technology based on these findings. The work was carried out by Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) with significant input from both the Power Electronics Research Laboratory (PERL) at University College Cork (Ireland) and Anagenesis Inc. (El Segundo, CA, USA).

A copy of the printed and CD-ROM versions of “Market and Technology Report on Power Supply in a Package - Power Supply on a Chip” have been sent to PSMA Regular and Associate member companies as a benefit of their membership. PSMA affiliate members can purchase the report for $150. The report is also available to non-members for purchase on the PSMA website (www.psma.com) for $4,990.

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