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CD Reference System

Eastern Components Inc., an authorized distributor for major magnetic core manufacturers is offering this complete Magnetic Core CD Reference System which includes catalogs, design tools and application notes — a must for any magnetic cores user.

Eastern Components, Inc.
Circle 246 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet


  • Regulated, 0 to 100% Programmable
  • Ripple as low as 0.0005%!
  • High Stability, 25ppm/°C
  • Internal Reference, Voltage Monitor
  • Miniature Shielded Case, 1 Cu In.!
  • High Performance, Cost Effective

EMCO High Voltage Corporation
Circle 245 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

Power Electronics Product Marketplace

Designers of power supplies, motor drives, and other power electronic systems should direct their attention to these items. Whether your system handles microwatts or megawatts, these listings include products that will improve your designs. For more information, just circle the number on the Inquiry Card or contact the company via its Web site or phone number.

Planar EI, PQ 16, 20 & EQ-13 Core

Families of planar cores in low core loss J3F, JP40 YTE ferrite material and super flux powder TAF200 material are available now from Alliance Magnetics. No tooling charge for minor modification of the core floor and height of standard core size; such as PQ-16, PQ20, EI-14, EI-18, EI-22, EQ-13, RM-6, 8, 10. Visit www.alliancemagnetics.net or call (914) 944-1690.

Alliance Magnetics, LLC
Circle 247 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet


ICAP/4Windows circuit simulator with power supply templates from ON Semiconductor. Everything you need to make your power supply design job easier. Order a CD at no cost. Call Intusoft (310) 329-3295 or ON Semiconductor (800) 344-3860. Visit the Web at http://www.intusoft.com or http://www.onsemi.com/switchmode.

Circle 248 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

CSA-1 Current Sensor

Isolated indication of current by magnetic field measurment

  • Hall effect Integrated Circuit
  • Die or SOIC-8 package
  • Single +5V supply
  • ±2.5V signal output
  • ±10A (modified by geometry)
  • <6µs response time

GMW Associates
Circle 249 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet


Isotek announces the Model BE for current sensing in power supplies, dc/dc converters, motor drives, power modules and automotive applications. The BVE is rated for more than 5 Watts continuous power and 120°C. Call 800-Low-Ohms (569-6467).

Isotek Corp.
Circle 250 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

Surface Mount CCFL Inverter Transformers

The new devices incorporate a special segmented flanged bobbin to avoid high voltage flash over. Construction materials are phenolic bobbin and ferrite cores. Key Specs:

  • Standard 1600Vrms at 3W to 6W max
  • Operational frequencies: 40 KHz to 200 KHz with a efficiency of 80%

Frontier Electronics
Ph: (805) 522-9998; Fax: (805) 522-9989
Circle 251 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

World's Lowest Profile SMT Power Inductor

The RL-7000 Series under 1mm high has the smallest possible footprint (4.2 mm × 6.4 mm). Patented design uses ferrite shielding for complete suppression of EMI with up to 2.5 Amps of saturation current handling.

Renco Electronics, Inc.
Circle 252 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

New ER cores for Planar converters

FERROXCUBE introduces 2 new core sizes, ER18 and ER23. Intended for high-density power conversion, the new sizes are launched in the high saturation / high frequency materials 3C92, 3C96 and 3F35. The round center leg and low height make these ideal for dc/dc converter modules in telecom switches. For more information, contact:

Ferroxcube USA, INC.,
Circle 253 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

Prototype Services

If your requirements call for custom core shapes or proof of design without high tooling costs Precision Ceramics can help. Features and services:

  • TDK block ferrite material in stock for quick turnaround
  • Prototype to custom tooling for production
  • TDK materials include PC33, PC44, PC47 and PC 50

Precision Ceramics
www.customcores.com; Ph: (800) 405-8148
Circle 254 or visit freeproductioninfo.net/pet

We're Here to Help — Guaranteed

Want to participate in this Product Marketplace section? You can pick when you want the ad to run — we guarantee placement. Please contact:

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Shelley Kelly
[email protected]
Phone: (310) 547-1777
Fax: (310) 519-0809

East Coast and Canada

Theresa Laughlin
[email protected]
Phone: (805) 985-3431
Fax: (913) 514-9245

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Theresa Laughlin
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